Twin Towns – The Journey Begins

Our journey toKonstanz began about 18 months ago when we were approached by Bernd, who runs the Richmond In Europe Association.

We were then visited by cyclists from Fontainebleau, Richmond’s French twin.  They stayed a few nights and thanks to the linguistic skills of one of our members, we chatted about the diferences between french and English cycling.  We took them around Richmond Park.  It was a little hillier than they expected…

As the time for the twinning affirmation ceremony approached, several of us decided that we’d like to go to Konstanz and take part.   Invitations were sent out and responses collated and we had a group of 5 riders, keen to see Konstanz.

We decided to fly to Basel, hire bikes at the train station and cycle them to Konstanz about 110 miles away, over two days.  Amazingly, you can hire bikes anywhere in Switzerland and return them to another location, so we decided to return via Zurich, giving us more of Switzerland to see on the return journey.

With flights, hotels and bikes booked in plenty of time, we sat back and waited for the day to arrive.

First there was volcanoes, then the threat of strike action.  We’d booked the flights with BA.  But at least our flight out was not cancelled, so we decided to take the risk that the return flight would also not be cancelled.

We set off tomorrow, Thursday and arrive in Basel just before lunchtime.  We’ll pick up the bikes and hope to arrive at our first hotel around six in the evening.  Next day we’re off to Konstanz, a mere 70 or so miles away.  A shower and meal awaits us at our destination.  I shall be testing out my new Garmin 705 GPS (if Citylink can deliver it on time).  We’ll try and update the site with news and pics over the coming days.

Thanks to Ian for being our travel agent, we wouldn’ t have been able to do this without his efforts.