Monthly Meeting [ONLINE] 9 February, 7pm

Join us for our monthly meeting on 9 February 2022 between 7pm and 8pm – held online.

Follow the link to join:

Monthly meetings are held every second Wednesday of the month at 7pm. They’re the perfect way to get involved, and are open to new, old, and non-members! Due to the rise in COVID cases this meeting will be held online, though we’ll look to hold our March meeting in person dependent on the situation.

Activity Tracker:


1) Introductions & Welcome

2) Borough Coordinator Update

3) Climate Safe Streets Campaign

4) Police events in Richmond & Bushy Parks

5) Social Media Campaigning Review

6) Pavement Parking in Kew (and elsewhere?)

7) Website Internet Hosting

8) CPS and magistrates: Mick Sinclair

5) Newsletter Items

6) AOB

7) Close, Date & Location of next meeting – (9  March 2022)