Twickenham Riverside Consultation – Jan 2021

This is our response to the Twickenham Riverside Consultation, which runs until 3 February.

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Please take a moment to ask for safe active travel routes throughout the proposed development.

Twickenham riverside with cars


We strongly support the council’s decision to remove car parking from the Embankment. We would like see the Embankment entirely free of parked motor vehicles but recognise the necessary compromise required to facilitate service and delivery vehicle access to Eel Pie Island. However, we urge the council to encourage the use of cargo bikes rather than motor vehicles wherever possible for services and deliveries, as is increasingly common across London.

We would also like to see the Embankment entirely free of motor traffic movement but again recognise the necessity of the council’s compromise to enable limited access for a very small number of larger essential vehicles at strictly controlled times of day.

We support a widened Water Lane being made two way and urge the council to follow through on its suggestion of creating a two-way segregated cycle track on this route.

We note that a similar segregated cycle track my not be necessary on Wharf Lane due to narrowness and the anticipated significant drop in motor traffic on this route but urge the council to retain this as a possibility should it become desirable to implement.

We have previously raised our concerns regarding the apparent retention of car parking spaces at the top of Wharf Lane close to the Service Road junction, noting that parked vehicles here may cause conflict between motor vehicles and cyclists moving in opposite directions on Wharf Lane.

While King Street itself falls outside the development area, we urge the council to give consideration to creating safe cycle access from King Street into both Water Lane and Wharf Lane, and also consider introducing continuous pavement and both of these junctions thereby making them safer for pedestrians, together with shared space with pedestrian priority along their length.

We note the Transport plan shows three locations for cycle parking but gives no indication of how extensive parking at these sites will be. We urge the council to ensure cycle parking is adequate throughout the site and also appropriate for the secure parking of non-standard bikes such as those used by disabled cyclists. We assume the extant cycle parking on the riverside east of Wharf Lane will be retained and, if so, would like to see it expanded. We urge the council to include air pumps and maintenance stands with cycle parking.

As a cycling campaign we have limited our comments to issues that directly concern cyclists. However, we expect the council to recognise the evidence-supported community-wide economic and health benefits that result from the creation of quality cycling infrastructure and to take every opportunity to make these benefits known when discussing and publicising the development plans.