‘Ward Asks’ for LBRUT Council Elections

The 2014 council elections are on 22nd May.  This is a ‘once in 4 years’ chance to challenge the would-be council candidates on their commitment to cycling provision; and to make cycling an important issue on the election agenda.

The local authority (LBRUT) are accountable to our elected councillors; and between them they control the vast majority of roads in the area; and decide what road and cycle improvements are made where (if any!).

This year LCC are asking every borough group to nominate one cycling infrastructure issue in every ward (a ‘ward ask’) for inclusion in a London-wide campaign aimed at every election candidate.

We already have various issues logged by Council Ward.  A complete list of issues by ward is available on this page here.   But you can always add more!   So please read the article; look at the issues already logged in your area; and then follow the link through to Cyclescape to add more.

But hurry!  We need your input now.   Thank you.