The Richmond Magazine

Post Updated 18 September
As a further update, we can confirm we have arranged an event involving Richard Nye, which will be covered in a future edition of the Richmond Magazine and will highlight the concerns and challenges we face as cyclists and why the reaction was so strong. We’ll provide further details online here closer to the date, but again, a big thanks for all the words of support we’ve received over the past few weeks on this.

Post Updated 11 September
Richard has been in touch and we’ve something in the offing. We’re working out the details so watch this space.

Original Post
Early on 6th September, after being contacted by some local cyclists on Twitter (credit goes to @freespeedlondon and @Ekynoxe), we highlighted an editorial in a local magazine, The Richmond Magazine, where the editor Richard Nye shared the view that “the only good cyclist was a dead one”. Coming on the day that a cyclist had been killed in Walton on Thames, we felt it was particularly insensitive, as did many of you, and the story was picked up by several online sites, including Cyclists in the City,, BikeBiz and The Times. Several advertisers, including Moore’s Bike Shop, Sigma Sport and Action Bikes stated that they would not advertise in the magazine in the future.

Subsequently, Mr Nye posted an apology on The Richmond Magazine’s website.

We feel Mr Nye’s original comments were extremely badly misjudged to say the least (and on a personal level, having lost a friend this year in a road incident, offensive) and the reaction by the magazine should have been much better handled. They reflect much of the aggression many cyclists experience on a daily basis on the roads. We don’t, however, believe at this stage there is anything to be gained from pursuing a personal vendetta against Mr Nye or the magazine.

We would therefore like to open the invitation to Richard to come along to one of our rides (, or we’d be more than happy to take him out for a short ride around the borough to see some of the issues we face on the roads and hopefully highlight why the reaction was as strong as it was. He can contact us via our normal email –