Notice of 3 LBRuT cycle schemes

Details of 3 schemes have been posted recently on the Richmond Borough website and the associated reports give an insight on their strategic thinking.  Paragraph 6.3 of the Cross Deep report says “The Council will seek to provide practical facilities for the safe and convenient movement of cyclists” which gives us a standard to test both the credibility of the existing network and planned work.  It goes on to talk about “the development of a local cycle route to complement the London Cycle Network” and “New development must be designed to give high priority to cycle facilities and to link to the cycle route network and include secure parking in accordance with standards.”

I said in previous postings secure cycle parking is a recurring theme in current and future spending plans and this is why:”It will also seek to provide and support the provision of secure parking areas for cycles in shopping and leisure centres, public transport interchanges and other public buildings.” Cycle Parking at Railway Stations lists the net increase of 116 cycle spaces for £105,000 and in Teddington High Street 5 stands as part of a scheme costing £14,000.

Send your thoughts on these schemes to ahead of the next meeting of the Cycling Liaison Group on Monday 24th January.