Monthly Meeting [ONLINE] – 13 October, 7pm

Join us for our monthly meeting on 13 October 2021 at 7pm – held online.

Follow the link to join:

Monthly meetings are held every second Wednesday of the month at 7pm. We alternate between an online and in person format, and are the perfect way to get involved. They’re open to new, old, and non-members!

Tracker Spreadsheet:


1) Introductions & welcome

2) Richmond Park – Go Slow Protest Ride – Ask: Prevent through traffic in Richmond Park

3) Cycle Parking and Cycle Accessible Bridges in Richmond – Discussion: we’ve got a long list, what do we do with it?

4) Richmond Bridge Bus Gate Working Group set up – Suggestion for a working group on Richmond to Twickenham Cycle Route

5) Next (in person) meeting location?

6) Richmond Station to Richmond Park Route Signage – if the council won’t do it, is this something we could do?

7) Newsletter items

8) AOB

9) Close & Date of next meeting – (10 November)