May 2023 Newsletter

RideLondon Freecyle

On 28th May we’re hoping to lead our usual group to the RideLondon Freecycle and everyone is welcome! This year, it’s the same day as the longer rides, and that means that many of our usual marshals aren’t available. Could you help ? Really just a matter of keeping people on course (Kew Rd + C9 into London) so no experience needed. Please drop our rides leader Paul a note –

Lidl Parking

One of our members is a regular at Fulwell’s Lidl, and has regularly been asking them to stop obstructing the bike parking with displays and goods. This has now gone to the council’s planning team for enforcement. Safe, well-located cycle parking is an essential if we’re to encourage more people to cycle in the borough, so we hope planning will get this sorted out. 

If you know of areas with similar problems, please get in contact.

Richmond Park chicanes and barriers

New changes in Richmond Park are proving controversial – barriers have appeared in a number of places, a new priority section on the Beverly Brook, and speed limit changes. ( has some of the details) Royal Parks tell us that there will now be a second safety audit, and have promised to engage with the various stakeholder groups to make this work, so we’ve been discussing the changes with Richmond Park Cyclists. If you have any feedback on the changes, please get in contact:

Sheen and Milestone Green

TfL tells us they’re due to bring changes to Milestone Green and East Sheen to consultation very soon. The initial proposals we’ve seen include moving to 20mph and significant improvements for the children of East Sheen Primary. We’ll let you know as soon as we see the consultation go live.

20 minute city confirmation

At a recent Environment Committee meeting, the council confirmed, via its next ‘Local Plan’ that it is committed to 20 Minute Cities – our version of the 15 minute city. This is important stuff: although the council doesn’t seem in a rush on many of the things we’re asking for, it’s crucial to have clear policy about what they want and need, and this is a key element.

Richmond Station meeting

Another member has arranged to meet Richmond Station to find out about the much delayed bike hub. This was a £3m project which seems to be nearly five years old, and our council has also allocated funding to keep it going, so we’re hoping to find out when this will have the proverbial shovels in the ground.

AGM and May Monthly meeting

It’s our AGM this coming meeting – we’ll be electing officers for the next year, and discussing our focus for the year. We’ll be meeting on 10th May at 7pm. Details

May Fair

It’s Fair season! Kew, Barnes, Richmond, Ham, St Margarets … everyone’s back at it, and we’re doing our best to get along, in partnership with our friends at Richmond Living Streets.

Richmond’s fair on is on the 13th, and we’ll be there, so come along for a chat.

Kew Summer Cycle

We’ll also be at Kew Summer Cycle on 27th July from 5pm. Come along to see us, and use CORP25 to get yourself a cheaper ticket!