June 2023 newsletter


Richmond Park changes

The Royal Parks have made a series of changes in the park to improve the pedestrian experience. Sadly, some seem to be at the expense of cycling. In particular the new bollards at Beverly Brook have attracted a lot of criticism. We’re in discussion with the Parks, and in partnership with Richmond Park Cyclists, but if you’ve got any experiences with the change you would like to share, please contact us — https://richmondcycling.org.uk/contact-us/
— or with Royal Parks – https://www.royalparks.org.uk/about-us/contact-us

East Sheen – Transport for London

TfL is consulting on changes to the East Sheen / Milestone Green area:: https://haveyoursay.tfl.gov.uk/east-sheen
Sadly there’s not a huge amount for cycling here, but there’s some good changes for pedestrians, and the area will become 20mph, which will make it a bit calmer. This used to be a £6.5m project and has been looked at for more than 3 years, so it’s a bit disappointing that cycling isn’t covered, and that TfL ignored our earlier requests that they do a parking survey, to establish whether parking can be removed in favour of more space for cycling.

Ham consultation

The council is asking people for views on some
notorious speeding areas in Ham. We need to look at these in more detail, but currently they don’t look very good: https://haveyoursay.citizenspace.com/richmondecs/ham-23/.

One local resident has already contacted us, unhappy with the proposals: https://twitter.com/carlmyhill/status/1660652392520589317

Strawberry Vale changes

Work seems mostly to be done on the new cycle route along the Strawberry Vale corridor. It’s an  improvement on what was there, particularly on Manor Road, but we’re going to ask the council for a ride with officers to discuss snagging issues, and what’s outstanding.

Have you tried it yet? Let us know what you think – some deliveries are clearly already struggling with the new layout, but hopefully that’ll be temporary.

Make Kensington High Street

Kensington and Chelsea council wants to slap
some paint down in Kensington High Street instead of protected space for cycling. Please take a moment to support the local LCC group’s ask that the council do better: https://betterstreets4kc.org.uk/campaigns/high-street-kensington/

Ham Parade Changes

There’s a new consultation on Ham Parade – nothing directly cycling, but we like the ideas around making it much more attractive for people who arrive on foot and by cycle. Please take a moment to support improvements for active travel. https://haveyoursay.citizenspace.com/richmondecs/hpd-23/

The Vineyard – what happened?

Last year, (in this consultation)  the council consulted on changes around the Vineyard and Friars Stile Road. We thought it was another missed opportunity to make some serious changes to improve the space for walking and cycling, but we’re still waiting – more than six months later – to hear anything.

Bike parking, where is it?

In the last three years we’ve offered the council dozens of suggestions – many straight from members – on where to put new bike parking. (Or to reinstate it, like the ones which disappeared outside Tesco in Richmond, and never re-appeared.) But we still don’t know what are their plans. It’s good to see more bike hangars going on, but we need more, quicker action on general parking, even if this is just to support residents to park hire bikes more appropriately.

Cycling parking

Hire bike parking

We’ve had a few people ask about why hire bikes aren’t being parked properly, and would argue that while this is occasionally true, most are parked reasonably. We’d also say that more parking spaces are needed, to encourage better behaviour, along with more liaison with the bike companies. This week someone noticed this new space – which is excellent – but we think this could have been parking for everyone, with actual stands and kerbed protection.


Climate Safe Streets report

We are a ‘middling borough’  in delivering on the ‘Climate Safe Streets’ asks from the election. Perhaps there’s other things going on they’re not sharing, but we’re quite disappointed to be such a poor performer here.

Anti-idling – could you help?

There’ll be an anti-idling action run by the council in June, if you’re interested, please email Gia.Pendred@merton.gov.uk

And on Clean Air Day (15th June) Friends of the Earth and Extinction Rebellion are doing the same at Mortlake and North Sheen. Please let ajtwiselton@gmail.com know if you can come.

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