LIP2 and Cycling Strategy

Our response is here – RCC – LIP2 Response.

A reminder that next Tuesday, 15th March, is the closing date for public Consultation on the Borough’s Second Local Implementation Plan including the Cycling Strategy

Lengthy and time consuming documents to read, at 54 and 72 pages each, they are important for what they say about the next 3 years and for some time into the future.  Hard to sum up but if you can’t face a couple of pages of Commentary here are some headlines:

  • 14% of the total budget for 2011/2014 is going to cycling schemes;
  • 4 Cycling Objectives, 6 Cycling Targets and 29 Cycling Policies is something to hold the Council to but few targets to measure progress against;
  • The nature and causes of congestion are not fully explained;
  • Nothing to discourage car use;
  • No clear target for the percentage of people who cycle as their main method of travel [modal share]: we are asking for an increase to 20% from the current figure of 6%.

Cyclists can look forward to a slightly brighter future but with no change to the world around them: 6 out of 10