All in One Survey 2010

On the agenda for the Council’s Cabinet meeting on 24th February was the initial results from the Borough’s All in One Survey conducted towards the end of 2010.

Top of the things that need improving is “Traffic and/or levels of congestion” chosen by 34% of respondents.

Condition of roads” is 5th with 20%, just behind “Provision of parking“, 21%.

Cycling” is 14th on the list, chosen by 10% of respondents.

7% said cycling is most important to them in making their area a good place to live.

On the face of it the results are pro-car but the problem of congestion highlights the relevance of the work Smarter Travel has done since March 2009.

Their aim was to ease congestion by encouraging an increase in walking, cycling, public transport and car club membership.

A variety of awareness campaigns, travel planning and infrastructure improvements enabled them to meet, or exceed, most of their targets.

With that programme ending on 31st March we are reading how the 2nd Local Implementation Plan and Draft Cycling Strategy will fill the gap.

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