Let’s get some parking here!


So the council are apparently actually interested in spending some money on cycle parking. It’s not much of a cycle strategy, but it is something that we think needs sorting out, so here’s a few suggestions we put together. We’ll update the list with the council’s response as we get it …

Where What Status
Kew Gardens More parking at each entrance. There’s none at Lion Gate, and insufficient at all the others Raised 20 October, 2013
Richmond Station More parking at the front of the station Raised 20 October, 2013
Kew Gardens Station More parking each side of the station Raised 20 October, 2013
Richmond town centre Throughout the town centre, basically
Whitton See here: Whitton parking Raised 14 October, 2013

We’d love to help the council with more details, and help them to keep track of actually spending this little pot of cash, so do let us know if you’d like to suggest then contact us using our form, or via campaign@richmondlcc.co.uk