Duke’s Head Passage – “We’ve made the right decision”

Richmond Cycling Campaign attended the Royal Parks’ Walking and Cycling Consultative Group on Wednesday, and got the bad news on Bushy Park’s Duke’s Head Passage.

We’r waiting for the official record of the meeting, but the rough summary on cycling in the Duke’s Head Passage is:

  • It’s too narrow for cycling
  • The right decision was taken to ban cycling – people only have to walk 450m with their bike
  • There are other routes into the park
  • ‘This is an area of conflict, not an accident area’

The next steps seem to be being driven by the borough cycling officer, who is trying to get a proper study done to assess what would make the path Ok for cycling. We were told that the path would need to be to London Cycling Design Standards (LCDS) for the parks to approve it. Given the constricted nature of the path, though, this seems like a planned excuse for doing nothing.

The point was made by the Royal Parks that it’s actually possible to cycle virtually everywhere in Bushy Park, and we thoroughly encourage people to respect this privilege and to cycle carefully and considerately. However, the enormous utility and safety benefits of using DHP don’t seem to weigh heavily for Parks management, sadly.