Cycling Liaison Group – UPDATE

The first CLG of the new council meets Monday 4th October.

Agenda is here and associated documents are here.

An interesting meeting, starting with Cllr Clare Head, Cabinet Member for Traffic and Transport saying that the meetings were to be regular and that she was committed to encouraging cycling in the borough.  It had a very different air than previous meetings, this may have been because Cllr Head is experienced at chairing meetings.  The meeting ended with a discussion about ‘No Cycling’ signs (some of the signs in the borough are incorrect and have no force in law) and Cllr Head stated that she had had lots of complaints about cyclists on the pavements and was going to do something about it because it is threatening to pedestrians.  Several people complained about this – what about the treatment that cyclists receive on the roads?  Why is nothing being done about that?  Following the same logic, someone suggested putting up ‘No Driving’ signs.  Cars kill, not many people are killed by cyclists on the pavement.  Cllr Head stated that she could not change the behaviour of car drivers.

Hopefully, these meetings will mean that some good provision gets put in.  If it doesn’t, you can be sure that the excuse will be lack of money.

Incidentally, installation of the Meadway toucan will not go ahead and the move of the toucan on Clifford Avenue is unlikely to go ahead, either.

Minutes are on the council website here.

Next meeting is Monday November 29th at 19:00.