Cycling Liaison Group Meeting – 29 January 2012

The next meeting of LBRUT’s Cycling Liaison Group (CLG) is later this month on Tuesday 29 January at 7pm at York House in Twickenham (Full details here).

Here are the agenda items for the meeting:
1. Welcome from the Chairman – the Borough Cycling Champion (or Czar?), Cllr Harborne will welcome those present
2. Apologies – those who’ve given up banging their heads against a brick wall
3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting – really 3 months since the last meeting? Time flies..
4. Biking Borough – some fluff to distract from nothing really being done to make your cycle safer
5. Cycle Theft Update – more on how marking bikes will stop 4 being stolen daily
6. Cycling Strategy Update – yes the council does apparently have one
7. Cycling Consultation – briefing on the process for avoiding consulting cyclists on highways schemes in the Borough.
8. Twickenham Town Centre Update – advice on when the Olympic Legacy sport of taxi rank dodging will commence

You can find out more about previous CLG meetings in this set of great blog posts by a regular attendee. One of the main downsides to this meeting is that in the past we’ve been told that we’re not allowed to discuss cycling infrastructure related items. Coupled with the council refusing to consult us directly on road schemes affecting cyclists (as these recent consultations in Barnes and Whitton, Teddington and Richmond demonstrate) we really struggle to see the value of these meetings in making the borough of Richmond a nicer and safer place to cycle to the shops, to work or to school with your children. So we’ve written an open letter to the council’s Cycling Champion to ask for this situation to be remedied. We want to work with the council, we really do. We all pay council tax and to see it wasted on poorly implemented schemes is heartbreaking.

Dear Councillor Harborne

One of the main objectives of Richmond Cycling Campaign is to obtain more cycling-friendly highways infrastructure in the borough. To this end, we endeavour to respond to the council’s invitations for consultation on highways schemes. However, the notification procedure inviting consultation is unclear to us. Sometimes, there is a notice on the council’s website. Sometimes there is not and we have to rely on hearsay, which is not a reliable means of communication.

We do not to consider this to be a satisfactory situation and we should like to arrange to be routinely informed and given the opportunity to be consulted about highways schemes. Your assistance in this as Borough Cycling Champion would be greatly appreciated.

We think this could be a suitable subject for discussion at the CLG, preceded by a short presentation from one of the officers describing how the the consultation process works.

With best regards

John Head
Richmond Cycling Campaign