Breeze Bike Ride for Women of All Ages

In this guest post, local cyclist Ginette tells us about the upcoming Breeze ride she is organising.

So 2013 is here and many New Year’s resolutions are being broken as quickly as they were made…. get fit, stop eating this and drinking that….all often too ambitious. Let’s face it, if we didn’t do it last year or the year before will we do it this year?

It’s all about changing your thinking and your life style….stop looking at exercise as exercise and instead look at it as something you enjoy, which gets you out away from the TV, raises your heart beat a bit and if it can save you money too….that’s a bonus.

Breeze is organised by British Cycling and is all about encouraging ladies, old and young to re discover the joys of cycling. It is not weight bearing, so often it is suitable for people with walking difficulties making people mobile again. After a recent trip to Belgium I joined a guided tour led by a gentlemen who had damaged his back in a fall-he found cycling was easier for him. Often it is just about regaining confidence again as many people for some reason or other do not cycle once grown up. If we can get people out enjoying a ride with other ladies in some of the many beautiful places we have in this area maybe some will discover an unknown pleasure and a form of exercise that is achievable. Once a safe awareness of traffic and road cycling is obtained people can then discover the joys of getting to their destination quicker than using public transport. This is a free mode of transport and should be incorporated in your way of thinking, every time you jump on your bike instead of car or bus to the shops or to meet friends you are saving money!

So join us on our next Breeze ride on Wednesday 16th January at 11am in Bushy Park (starting point is Hampton Hill Gate) and make that first step. Any bike will do for this ride around Bushy Park, it is flat all the way and so no gears are even needed. As long as your brakes work and your tyres are pumped up you can join us. If you don’t have a bike or you have a baby or toddler since last biking, ask a friend if you can borrow their bike or to baby sit for you just this once. This will be a very leisurely ride of about 1 hour with a nice stop in The Pheasantry Café for a coffee and chat so see you there!

More details and how to register for the ride