Asking for change doesn’t have to be hard!

You might remember the furore a while ago over the Richmond Magazine’s editorial on cycling, and the excellent article on cycling they subsequently published on children cycling (PDF here).

The kind of cycling we might see more of in a 20mph Richmond (Image from –

Well now there’s another excellent article, this time looking at speed limits, and how Surrey and Richmond seem desperate to swim against the 20mph tide.

We’d urge you to read the article, and then vote in their online poll (appears half way down the home page), if you agree that wide-scale adoption of 20mph limits on our borough roads could be a good thing. And if you still need convincing about the merits of the argument, check out the extensive data assembled by “20’s plenty for us” or head straight to their briefing papers on all the basics, like:

  • Why 20mph is good for cycling (PDF)
  • Why 20mph improves residential streets (PDF)
  • Why broad adoption of 20mph is significantly better than lots of specific zones (PDF)
And you can check out the Twitterverse for useful gems like this: “In the same distance a 20mph driver can stop, a 30mph driver is still doing 24mph.” or this:


Image from ‘the 20 effect’

So in the first of an occasional series, take the opportunity to check out some of the data, and then vote in the Richmond Magazine’s poll, as a simple thing you can do to tell our councillors of all stripe how much you’d like to see cycling improve in the borough.