Working towards a Vision for LB Richmond

car-free cycling for all

Shamelessly plagiarised from Hackney Cycling Campaign.

Compared to Hackney we are in a different situation with far higher car ownership but also high bicycle ownership but the fundamental problems are similar namely motor vehicles dominating most of the roads.

Richmond Bridge – an 18th century gem.


Sustainable Safety is a Dutch concept based on clearly defining the function of roads:

  1. Through Roads – for high volumes of traffic for longer distances.
  2. Connector Roads – linking these to shopping centres and
  3. Local Access Roads  ; where walking and cycling should have priority.

I have tried to put together a tentative classification for our borough with Through Roads in Red and Connector Road in Blue. 

Obviously the A316 and South Circular must be Through Roads otherwise a bit of a judgement call. Ideally shopping streets should not be through roads if possible.

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