What’s Going on in Richmond?

This is a copy of an ongoing document we’re working on, showing what we’re currently aware of in the borough. It’s not complete, and we need input from others, so if you have anything you want to add, please let us know! If you want to comment, you can also add your notes to our Google Document, here

There are four quietways in some form of plan. The current details we have are here: Quietway 3, Quietway 1, Quietway 4. Quietway 2

The Ham to Teddington route (quietway 1)  has been consulted on, and is now in detailed planning.
10/12/17: This will go to a final round of consultation some time soon.

Bushy Park to Kingston (QW2) is the second which is likely to go to consultation, but we haven’t yet got any dates.

Liveable neighbourhoods: Richmond town centre bid for some money, but wasn’t successful

10/12/17 TfL will feedback to the council.  Our suspicion is that the bid failed because it had insufficient plans to look at how traffic-dominated the area is, but this is only a suspicion at the moment.

As LCC we have requested the borough become a member of CLOCS.

10/12/17: Members have written to the council, and we are assembling a group request as part of the LCC work.

Corridors. These are routes where the council will look at walking, cycling and other modes at the same time, and try to fix an overall route, rather than do piecemeal changes.

The proposed corridors are:

C1) A305 Richmond Road (j/w Aragon Rd – Richmond Bridge)

C2) A305 Sheen Road (j/w Church Rd to TLRN URRW)

C3) A306 Castlenau & Rocks Lane (j/w URRW – Hammersmith Bridge)

C4) A313 Park Rd, Hampton Road & Teddington High Street (j/w Uxbridge Rd – Kingston Road)

C5) A311 Hampton Hill & Hampton Road (j/w Upper Sunbury Rd – Heath Rd)

C6) A310 Kingston Road, Strawberry Vale & Cross Deep (j/w Kingston Bridge rdbt – King St)

C7) A3004 St Margarets Road (j/w Richmond Road to boundary)

C8) A307 Kew Road (Richmond Circus – TLRN Mortlake Rd)

C9) A305 Staines Road / The Green (j/w A316 – Heath Rd/The Green)

C10) A308 Upper Sunbury Rd & Hampton Court Rd (borough boundary to j/w Kingston Bridge rdbt)

C11) B358 Nelson Rd, HBR & Sixth Cross Rd (j/w Hanworth Rd – Hampton Rd)

C12) A3003 Mortlake High Street & B350 Lonsdale Rd (j/w A316 – Castlenau)

C13) A312 Uxbridge Road (j/w Hampton Hill HS – boundary)

Schools. The council provides basic training for all children in year 6 of primary school, and has various things it does to support school cycling. This does not seem to include:

– audits of bike parking

– ensuring routes to schools are safe

– 20mph outside schools

– detailed planning support to help families get to school

Schools. We’re concerned at reports from places like Teddington School, where they have been talking about aggressive and inappropriate management of children cycling to school. We’ve asked the council to find out what’s going on.  

10/12/17: apparently council safety officials have visited the school to discuss this. We don’t have details of the meeting, but our expectation is that schools are being made fully aware of what they can and can’t do in relation to cycling.

Towpaths: these are being partially upgraded in some areas, but the council is unwilling to say ‘we’ll make these proper places to cycle’. A good example is the use of gates, poor surfacing, and absent or inconsistent lighting.

Cross Deep. This has been to the Cycling Liaison Group a number of times, with no proper proposals. We hope to have a proper engineer’s report at the next CLG

Road Safety Week, Bike Week, and other activities where national campaigns are run: currently the council doesn’t get involved in any of these. In 2017 Bikefest didn’t happen, because it had previously run through the effort of volunteers.

River Crane: we’re waiting for a route through here. Apparently soil contamination has to be dealt with before council will take over responsibility.

10/12/17: We perhaps need to check with planning enforcement, as this is a condition of the planning application that it’s fixed.

Mortlake Brewery and other developments: the council consistently fails to plan for large developments. Twickenham redevelopment, St Mary’s university, Brewery are all examples of where active travel (walking and cycling) don’t get a look in. There’s never anything to properly encourage cycling and walking somewhere, instead of driving.

Twickenham Riverside: We’d like to see it being possible to cycle to and from the site, as well as access to the Riverside being easier for walking and cycling than driving. In particular, we don’t want the riverside to remain a car park.

10/12/17: We need to respond to the planning application, which is still far from good enough.

Richmond Park: the park forms part of some quietway routes. In order for this to work, the routes need to be accessible for multiple types of bicycle, and for people with a range of mobility impairments. This isn’t currently the case.

Village centres: most of the village centres have had some kind of update, but virtually none of these updates include cycle lanes, or any meaningful calming of traffic

Copthall Road: recently consulted on. Again, no meaningful changes for cycling or walking. This area is used as a rat run, and the opportunity to stop this has been missed. (And local residents don’t like it, either … )

Star and Garter: recently consulted changes here again failed to do much for cycling, and just assume that narrowing a road makes it better for cycling. (Consultation link, our response, cyclescape)

Byfeld Gardens: this has been asked of as a opportunity for filtering. (Link or CLG minutes)

Kew Gardens station – just had a consultation on making the pedestrian environment better, but didn’t mention cycling at all! We asked the council to explain this.

10/12/17: told by the council that cycle parking will be improved as part of the scheme, but no actual details.

Radnor Gardens bridge: idea for a walking and cycling bridge across the river. Is a great idea, but council aren’t interested. See here

HPNF consulted on the proposal for a new walking and cycling bridge at the Neighbourhood Plan travel and streets workshop.  95% were in favour of a bridge. 90% favoured Ham Street to Orleans House connection, 10% favoured a new bridge at Teddington.  There was no support for a bridge at Radnor Gardens due to its limited use for utility cycling and concern that the unlit stretch across Ham Lands would not feel safe after dusk.

Cycle hoop installations: 6 have been consulted on, over 100 requests for other slots in the borough. Not sure what the next steps are.

Richmond Station upgrade to cycle parking – part of the Liveable Neighbourhoods bid, but it looks like this funding pot is separate. We are talking to the council about what we’d like to see here, and need to publish the initial list of requests.

Introduction of dockless bikes: council is looking at this at the moment. Apparently some kind of policy is being looked at, and they’re engaging with bike companies, but we think we’d like to see this happening in the borough. One key concern is that it will increase pressure on cycle parking, which is already busy in many key areas.

More cycle parking in & around Richmond Town Centre & on the waterfront. This is ongoing. Everyone can request parking, and the cycling officer is working to get this improved. However, it is ‘here and there’ rather than any substantial new parking initiatives anywhere, at the moment.

Policing / enforcing cycle lanes around the borough using parking enforcement officers to issue tickets to vehicles parked in them illegally. . This is probably not a ‘thing going on’. But it should be. (Observation: I think that parking is devolved to boroughs.)

Each park has a community group, but many of them have accessibility problems for cycling – like Palewell Park. SWLEN group looks like it talks about these things … In Palewell Park, there’s a kind of kissing gate towards one side which is impassable by wheelchair, pram or larger bike. Apparently these were installed to stop people riding motorbikes on the park.

Royal Parks walking and cycling group: Richmond Cycling Campaign wasn’t invited to this, which is something of a disappointment. Issues we’d want considered: accessibility of gates into the park, and use of rumble strips. There is also a wider discussion which needs to be had around how to deal with the volumes of traffic in the park.

Bridges list: this is online here. Anyone can comment, and we will use this to liaise with the council.

Cycle hangars: people should carry on requesting these. 6 more are to go to the cabinet member very soon, and others should follow in consultation.

Cycling strategy: this still hasn’t been adopted by the council. It’s not clear why, or what needs to happen here, but we understand that until it is adopted, it won’t be followed through.