Twickenham Consultation – Cycle Liaison Group Meeting – 4 October 2012

This is what you're losing - London Road before and after (thanks to Paul James for visualising for us)

We’re planning a big attendance at Thursday’s Cycle Liaison Group meeting with Richmond council (7pm, York House, Twickenham) to make it clear how strongly we oppose their proposal to remove the Twickenham cycle and bus lanes and replace them with advisory off peak cycle lanes. (for full details on the change, read this post)

Details of the meeting including the agenda are available online here:

Email us at if you are going to attend and we’ll give you the low down on our plans or just turn up on the night. Please tell everyone you know who will be affected by these changes to come along and make their voice heard.

The drawing at the top of the post (kindly produced by one of our followers) shows starkly just what we’re losing in these changes. Given the bottle neck at the London Road, King Street, York Street Junction (shown here – there is no benefit to traffic flow of providing two lanes. As we’ve said all along, every one loses in this proposal. A ‘Go Dutch‘ model for Twickenham Town centre would benefit everyone – pedestrians, bus users, cyclists and motorists – but most importantly it would regenerate Twickenham to be a place to go to, not just drive through. Local blogger Tim Lennon has stated very simply the flaws with what the council is proposing. There is an interesting debate at present in the comments section to the article in the Richmond and Twickenham Times.

We have proposals, based on studies we’ve carried out going back to 2009, that would make streets of Twickenham safer and more inviting for everyone, whether on a bike, walking or on public transport, while balancing the needs of those who chose to drive through the town. Let’s hope the council will accept our offer to assist in improving the current scheme.


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