Things to do in the borough (and why!)

This is a working list of things in the borough – of different sizes – we would like looked at. This page is a work in progress. You can read some of the supporting documents on our Cycling Links page.

Place Notes
Chalkers Corner Needs protected cycling on all arms
Quietway 1
Quietway 2
Quietway 3
Quietway 4
C1) A305 Richmond Road (j/w Aragon Rd – Richmond Bridge) Part of the corridor studies. All of these have had quite a bit of analysis, and we’d like to know what has happened to them, and if there is any schedule for what will happen.
C2) A305 Sheen Road (j/w Church Rd to TLRN URRW) Part of the corridor studies. This had had quite a bit of analysis done, but it’s not clear where it actually is.
C3) A306 Castlenau & Rocks Lane (j/w URRW – Hammersmith Bridge) Part of the corridor studies
C4) A313 Park Rd, Hampton Road & Teddington High Street (j/w Uxbridge Rd – Kingston Road) Part of the corridor studies
C5) A311 Hampton Hill & Hampton Road (j/w Upper Sunbury Rd – Heath Rd) Part of the corridor studies
C6) A310 Kingston Road, Strawberry Vale & Cross Deep (j/w Kingston Bridge rdbt – King St) Part of the corridor studies
C7) A3004 St Margarets Road (j/w Richmond Road to boundary) Part of the corridor studies
C8) A307 Kew Road (Richmond Circus – TLRN Mortlake Rd) Part of the corridor studies
C9) A305 Staines Road / The Green (j/w A316 – Heath Rd/The Green) Part of the corridor studies
C10) A308 Upper Sunbury Rd & Hampton Court Rd (borough boundary to j/w Kingston Bridge rdbt) Part of the corridor studies
C11) B358 Nelson Rd, HBR & Sixth Cross Rd (j/w Hanworth Rd – Hampton Rd) Part of the corridor studies
C12) A3003 Mortlake High Street & B350 Lonsdale Rd (j/w A316 – Castlenau) Part of the corridor studies
C13) A312 Uxbridge Road (j/w Hampton Hill HS – boundary) Part of the corridor studies
A316 / Manor Circus Needs protected cycling at the whole junction. This has been looked at by TfL, and they came back from a 2014 consultation with some rubbish ideas. Not clear where this is going to go
A205 Gilpin Ave zebra Subject of a petition. Not liked by pedestrians, v. low rule observance
A316 quietway This route needs upgrading and finishing. TfL has looked at this, and it has ceased to be planned for a CSH.
Kew Road Needs sbound cycle lane, and protected cycling on both sides
Richmond Bridge to Orleans Gardens towpath Towpath review
Kingston Bridge to Hampton Court Bridge towpath Towpath review
Teddington Lock to Kingston boundary towpath Towpath review
Ham vicinity to Teddington Lock towpath Towpath review
Ham (Surrey side) towards Richmond Bridge towpath Towpath review
Richmond Bridge to Kew Bridge towpath Towpath review
Kew Bridge to Chiswick Bridge towpath Towpath review
Cross Deep Need protected cycling movement to turn left into, and go straight across
River Crane Path needs completing
Twickenham Riverside Needs access for cycling throughout site, and to site
Richmond Park needs less traffic
Copthall Road School should have better access than a tiny raised table
Byfeld Gardens Consider for filtering
Star and Garter roundabout
Kew Gardens Station It should be possible to walk and cycle from here to the Gardens.
Second Cross Road Contraflow cycling candidate
Sydney Road Contraflow cycling candidate
Grosvenor Road Contraflow cycling candidate
Grove Road Contraflow cycling candidate
Parkley’s Parade Contraflow cycling candidate
Plevna Road Contraflow cycling candidate
Denton Road Contraflow cycling candidate
Cresswell Road Contraflow cycling candidate
Morely Road Contraflow cycling candidate
Heathfields North Contraflow cycling candidate
Cambridge Road Contraflow cycling candidate
Bridge Road Contraflow cycling candidate
Broadway Avenue Contraflow cycling candidate
Queens Road Contraflow cycling candidate
Fulwell Road Contraflow cycling candidate
Holly Road Contraflow cycling candidate
Sidney Road Contraflow cycling candidate
Richmond Station Needs lots of bike parking
Palmerston Road Rat running from Sheen Lane – how does this affect the wider area?
Lonsdale Road Part of a corridor – needs protected cycling
Rocks Lane Part of a school route for some.
Stanley School Needs much better design in the area to promote walking and cycling
St Stephen’s School Petition for a school street
Turing House Urgently needs a robust travel plan with walking and cycling
Burtons Road Should be closed to through traffic
Strafford Road
Kew Bridge Shared use footway is poor for cycling – needs segregation, esp with CS11 coming
Darell Road footbridge Could probably do with cycle channels
Twickenham Bridge Where the A316 crosses the Thames there are steps down to the tow path on both sides of the river. There are cycling routes along the banks of the Thames and also on the pavement on both sides of the A316 but without a cycle ramp it is really hard to connect from one to the other (especially on the Richmond side of the river. Ideally there should be a bike channel on each of the 4 flights of steps.
St Margarets footbridge Needs bike channels
WInning post footbridge Needs bike channels. Map
Hospital bridge roaf footbridge Needs bike channels
B of E sports grounds FB
This is a useful quietway link, currently obstructed. No need for cycle channels, but remove obstructions
Palewell fields FB
This is a useful quietway link, currently obstructed. No need for cycle channels, but remove obstructions.
Old Deer Park footbridge Needs bike channels
Woodlands Road footbridge
This is a useful quietway link, currently obstructed. No need for cycle channels, but remove obstructions.
Barnes Station footbridge Cycle channels needed in a number of places here
Northcote Road footbridge No channels needed, but bike accessibility is poor.
Forty Alley footbridge Needs bike channels
Church Road footbridge If this is the one to the back of Richmond station, a cycle channel would be good leading down to the station. The bridge itself is also very poor for cycing across anyway …
Amyand Park Road FB Needs bike channels
Cricket Lane, Hampton Hill Signage to make clear it is two way, at least for cycling. Most motor traffic goes one way, from a car park exit, leading some drivers to think it is a one-way street and be uncooperative or abusive to cyclists going the other way.
Oakfield Path, Hampton Make this little-used footpath shared use, to link Hampton and Sunbury
Unnamed path linking Upper Sunbury Rd to Lower Hampton Rd, Hampton Clear bushes, and make path more accessible
Percy Road, Whitton Remove contradictory road markings on south side
Embankment, Twickenham Add signage/markings to show that the cycle route continues through sections closed to motor traffic. Also to clarify that this is two way for cycling.
Bell Lane, Twickenham Signage to make clear this road is two way
Junction of Arragorn Rd and Amyand Park Rd, Twickenham Separate cycle and pedestrian routes
Kingsway, Mortlake Contraflow cycling candidate
Nightingale Lane, Richmond Contraflow cycling candidate