The Quietway Needs You!

Richmond’s first quiet way needs your help!

HT @rantyhighwayman
Quietways encourage more cycling like this! HT @rantyhighwayman

TL;DR – respond positively by email or online form or via Richmond Cycling Campaign

The council is consulting on a quiet way route which runs all the way from Bushy Park to Richmond Park, taking in key areas along the way. This is a route which not only helps people who want to make a journey along the whole route, but also people making a journey using part of it. For example, if you live near Teddington High Street and want use your bike to go shopping there, this will become more easy and less stressful.

The route includes the borough’s first cycling and walking zebra crossing, and will also link to changes in Richmond Park to accommodate cycling.

cycling and walking zebraThe whole quietway route will also be 20mph – even this small change will be a significant improvement for both walking and cycling.

You can see the discussion on our Cyclescape pages.

We need your support on this: even though there are things we ‘d like to improve on the route Richmond Cycling Campaign very much supports the ambition and the plans which this new route represents. We need you to
– write to the council [email ] or
– fill in the consultation form [online form] or
– drop us an email [email RCC]
to show your support .. and to see more cycling like this …
Panniers and all HT @jitensha_oni
Panniers and all
HT @jitensha_oni