TfL, Terrible for Listening

Despite our continuing disagreement with TfL about their planned work at the London Road roundabout, the urgency of making the A316 cyclepath safe to use at Old Deer Park and resolution of those “Cyclists Dismount” requirements at Manor Circus, Chalkers Corner and Mortlake Road, we’re not ignoring their Programme of work in the Borough this financial year.

11 schemes are listed, 5 relating to A316 Chertsey Road and 6 to A205 South Circular, 4 of those in Upper Richmond Road.

There are no projected costs attached to these works so we don’t know what money is being spent.

London Road is 1 of the 5 schemes and another, the route between Chalkers Corner and Manor Road, is apparently complete, leaving 3 to be considered.  TfL have asked us to comment on one and, if you cycle the route or live in Whitton, we’re asking you to contact them direct because they don’t acknowledge or reply to our e-mails. Here’s the detail:

A316 Chertsey Road – Proposed cycling and pedestrian improvement scheme

Transport for London (TfL) is currently developing a proposal to improve facilities for pedestrians and cyclists along the A316 Chertsey Road. In addition the scheme will eliminate the issues of illegal rat running on the adjacent side roads off Chertsey Road.

The scheme will see the junctions of Godfrey Avenue, Redway Drive and Jublilee Avenue on the Chertsey Road permanently closed to vehicular traffic (junctions have been temporarily closed for over 10 years)

Shared use pedestrian and cyclist footways will be provided at these locations and improved signage informing cyclists and pedestrians of shared use footways will be installed.

In summary, the proposed measures include the following:

  • Formally close the junctions of Godfrey Avenue, Redway Drive and Jubilee Avenue with A316 Chertsey Road;
  • Provide shared use footway at the closure locations;
  • Provide improved cyclist and pedestrian facilities and information on where cyclists are able to use the footway.

Please find attached design drawings for this scheme Godfrey Avenue, Jubilee Avenue and Redway Drive

If you have any comments with regard to this proposal please contact us at by 22 August 2011.

Yours faithfully

Sara Peters, Consultation and Engagement Centre, Transport for London,

Now, Richmond Cycling Campaign welcomes any changes that makes cycling this route better, we just think there are rather more important things to do, which is what we will tell TfL.

By the way, we asked TfL to come to the Cycling Liaison Group, which meets 4 times a year, every 3 months, but they say they don’t attend external meetings outside office hours.

Click here to read what Cyclists in the City think.

Sadly, one of the A205 schemes listed “Rocks Lane to Kew signage review” includes the words “confirmation is also needed for shared use for cyclists over Kew Bridge which could link to cycle improvements to the other side of the River Thames”, sad given the recent fatality on the bridge.