Strafford Road consultation

This is the response we recently sent to the Strafford Road consultation.

I am writing on behalf of Richmond Cycling Campaign, in response to the consultation on Strafford Road and access to the school there. (

We welcome the thrust of the consultation – to make it easier and safer for families to cross in this area – but we would argue that there are more ambitious options that should be considered:

1. This area needs actual marked crossing on all roads linking the school. This is an opportunity to have a very wide, clear zebra crossing which prioritises the movement of people walking and cycling, over driving.
2. Pavements generally are very narrow, compared to the available space. Why not significantly widen them along most of the length of the road?
3. This, and the connected streets, could be school streets: closed to motor traffic for the entire period of school start and finish.
4. Traffic management should be considered in this area. There’s really no reason for anyone to be driving down this and connected roads, except for access – it could be a Low Traffic Neighbourhood.

The Mayor’s Transport Strategy calls for 80% of journeys to be by foot, cycle or public transport by 2041. For Richmond to achieve this, we need to start building a much more attractive environment for walking and cycling, and we believe that schemes like this are excellent incremental opportunities to begin this work.