Schools and School Streets – Where are we?

TfL STARS page for Richmond Borough

Borough School Travel Planning Page

School School Street Notes
Archdeacon Cambridge’s C of E  Primary School  
Barnes Primary School STARS Gold
One of first candidate schooos, announced 25th September
Bishop Perrin C of E  
Broomfield House STARS Gold
Buckingham Primary  
Carlisle Infant School  
Chase Bridge Primary STARS Gold
Christ’s C of E Secondary  
Clarendon School  
Collis Primary STARS Gold
Darrell Primary and Nursery STARS Silver
Deer Park School STARS Gold
East Sheen Primary STARS Gold
The German School STARS Gold
Grey Court Secondary  
Hampton Court House  
Hampton High  
Hampton Hill Junior  
Hampton Infant and Nursery  
Hampton Junior STARS Bronze
Hampton School STARS Gold
Hampton Wick Infant and Nursery  
Harrodian STARS Silver
Heathfield Infant  
Heathfield Junior  
Holy Trinity C of E  
Jack and Jill School STARS Gold
Kew College STARS Gold
Kew Green Prep  
Kew Riverside Primary  
King’s House STARS Silver
Lady Eleanor Holles STARS Gold
Lowther Primary STARS Bronze
Bike It! school
The Mall School  
Marshgate Primary  
Meadlands Primary  
Nelson Primary  
Newland House School STARS Gold
Old Vicarage School  
Orleans Park School  
Orleans Primary  Hopefully first round of school streets consultations
Bike It! school
Queens C of E STARS Gold
Radnor House  
Richmond Park Academy  
Richmond upon Thames School  
Richmond upon Thames College  
Russell Primary  
Sacred Heart RC  
Sheen Mount STARS Gold
St Catherine’s School STARS Gold
St Edmund’s RC  
St Elizabeth’s RC STARS Gold
St James’ RC STARS Gold
St John the Baptist C od E  
St Mary Magdalen RC STARS Gold
St Mary & St Peter’s C of E STARS Gold
St Mary’s C of E STARS Bronze
St Mary’s Hampton C of E STARS Silver
St Mary’s University  
St Osmund’s RC  
St Paul’s School  
St Richard Reynolds STARS Gold (secondary)
St Richard Reynolds Primary STARS Gold
Bike It! school
St Richards C of E STARS Gold
Bike It! school
St Stephens C of E STARS Gold
One of first candidate schooos, announced 25th September
Bike It! school
Stanley Primary STARS Bronze
One of first candidate schooos, announced 25th September
Bike It! school
Strathmore School  
Swedish School STARS Gold
Teddington School Secondary
Thomson House School STARS Gold
Tower House School STARS Silver
Trafalgar Infant School  
Trafalgar Junior School  
Turing House School STARS Gold
Twickenham School Secondary
Vineyard School STARS Bronze
Waldegrave School Secondary