Richmond Cycling Campaign – May 2024 monthly meeting


Room: PK12 (first floor of main building).

Access: Through front doors, bear left immediately through door and then up one flight of stairs and room 12 immediately in front as you reach first floor. Map of building

How to find Richmond and Hillcroft Adult Community College: Their information on how to find the Parkshot building

Bike parking:

  1. front of building to the right of the right iron gate, and
  2. immediately to the rear of the building (access via the left-hand side of the building), and
  3. by the rear entrance to Richmond station.

Weather forecast: Delightful.


  1. Welcome, introductions & apologies for absence.
  2. Update on actions arising from last meeting (see post 11 April 2024).
  3. Borough Co-ordinator update.
  4. Date for AGM. June?
  5. Finalising planning for Richmond May Fair (11 May) and looking ahead to Barnes Fair.
  6. London Free Cycle 26 May. Our feeder ride from Little Green requires marshals.
  7. Summer sunset bike ride (19 June) to Richmond Hill: the latest info
  8. AOB
  9. Close, date of next meeting — 19:00, 12 June 2024, Barnes Community Association, Rose House, 70 High Street, Barnes, SW13 9LD