RCC response to Hampton / A308 Consultation.

Our response is briefer and less specific than we would normally choose, but we’ve captured the key issues that we and other members identified. 

Dear Richmond Council,

I am afraid Richmond Cycling is unable to support the plans proposed for Hampton (https://consultation.richmond.gov.uk/environment/proposed-improvements-to-cycling-facilities-safety/consult_view),

A number of members have shared comments with us, and one of your staff has also been kind enough to make the effort to offer explanations on a number of points.

We understand that there are severe financial constraints on the borough at the moment, and it has also been made clear that this proposal uses a number of different ‘pots’ of money to attempt to achieve its goal. It is very heartening to hear that engineers are seriously considering properly segregated, attractive routes for cycling , but this only makes it even more heartbreaking to look at the current proposals.

We’d like to question how much these proposals have been shared with Historic Royal Palaces, as Hampton Court Palace is the obvious destination yet the provision designed here essentially creates conflict between walking and cycling at key pinch points.

It is our view that, if money is to be spent on providing cycling facilities, then it needs to be spent on facilities which will actively support cycling by a wide range of people. TfL’s new proposals for the north/south and east/west routes have shown just what we should be aspiring to in London – and why.

To be clear, there are elements of re-design which we think are well-advised. For example, removing the hatched area from the centre of the road will serve to reduce traffic speeds. Similarly, the effort to provide a substantial section of off-road route is to be applauded.

So although RCC welcomes the council’s new attempts to improve provision for cycling we regret to say that this isn’t it. We don’t believe that very few of the changes here will make any real difference to the perception of safety which is so key to encouraging new people to the practicality and simplicity of cycling as a way to get around.


Richmond Cycling Campaign