Quick Win Ideas

This is a working list of potential ‘quick wins’ in the borough that we’d like to ask them for.

Thing Detail
Rosslyn Road – extend the cycle lane down to the junction So people aren’t required to walk their bike
Signed / roadmarked cycle route between the two rows of posts outside the Barmy Arms on Twickenham Riverside  
Prune the bushes obstructing the path linking Upper Sunbury Road and Lower Hampton Rd, Hampton  
Make Oldfield Path, Hampton, into shared use  
Install two-way traffic signs on Embankment and Bell Lane, Twickenham and Cricket Lane, Hampton Hill (roads mainly used by motorists in one direction, leading to some wrongly imagining they are one-way streets, causing conflict with cyclists legally going the less common way along them)  
Remove contradictory road markings in Percy Rd, Whitton  
Remove misleading ‘Cyclists Dismount’ sign at railway bridge in Nelson Rd, Whitton  
Provide a proper way to cycle on to the Kew towpath near the Mortlake Brewery  
Install bollards to keep cars off the pavement & out of the cycle lane on A316 between Brook Rd & St Stephen’s C of E School (near St Margret’s Roundabout). Cars crossing the pavement is dangerous & illegal, and cyclists & pedestrians should be protected at this location https://twitter.com/SueWilbraham/status/1046348741832298496
Finish resurfacing the Ham to Teddington towpath https://twitter.com/iainjblack/status/1046083054735888386
Cycle paths around the roundabout by Sainsbury’s/BP garage would be great. Also river path near old brewery in Mortlake is too narrow/bumpy /slippy for regular use, especially with kids https://twitter.com/EJJTweet/status/1046096105673576454
Sort out the path under Kingston Bridge. Just a dropped kerb would be a step forwards.  
Provide a signed route from Richmond Station to the cycle track along the A316 towards Mortlake. Via Church Rd, St John’s Rd  
More cycle parking – virtually everywhere (In particular, follow up output from South Richmond councillors after walk around Richmond Green area.)
In Barnes there is a recommended, and signed cycle route north along Madrid and Boileau Roads (20 mph limited), but at the junction of Boileau Road with Lonsdale Road there is no further signage. However, there is a close-by pedestrian refuge where a sign could be placed to show cyclists aiming for Hammersmith Bridge whether they should turn right along Lonsdale Road, and then left along Castelnau or cross over to turn left into St Hilda’s Road and then right into Glentham Road, thereby accessing the joint use pavement on the approach to the Bridge (my own preference)  
Cycle gulley installed on pedestrian  bridge by Manor Rd / North Sheen station This was supposedly almost ready to be done in May …
Make back-street route from Lower Grove Rd through to Cambrian Rd step-free & free of parked cars so cyclists can go between Cambrian Gate & Christs School without having to use Queen’s Rd. The route is so , so close to being decent for cyclists – all it needs is a few dropped kerbs & parking attendants to enforce parking restrictions for it to be a decent safe route for unaccompanied children & others less keen to cycle up Queen’s Rd  
Finish re-tarmacking route from Lower Grove Rd through cemetery towards Bog Gate  
Re-surface / maintain / repair towpath between Kew Bridge & Richmond Bridge  
Swap the ‘bike lane’ & line of parked cars along Upper Richmond so bike lane is beside pavement & drivers don’t have to cross it to park  
Bus stop bypasses along Upper Richmond Rd  
Resurface road on Lower Church Rd. The surface is so uneven that cyclists risk being thrown off course into the path of vehicles that are coming up close behind them  
Continuous (& obvious & safe) route around Richmond Circus for both cyclists & pedestrians – so they don’t get into conflict  
More cycle parking at Kew Gardens Station Apparently delayed while there is re-consultation on this – we’d like to know when this is likely to be looked at.
Resurface alleyway between Manor Park & manor Gardens. Also put dropped kerb at Manor Gardens end of this alleyway  
“Install bike stands outside all doctors’ & dentists’ surgeries in the borough. All the surgeries I know have car parking but few have proper bike parking facilities.”  
“A few more bike stands in residential streets? There are 6 bikes attached to the same lamp posts in my neighbouring street – people in flats need space to keep their bikes” We understand that on-street bike storage is being investigated, and we’d like to know what the status of this is.
An audit of how many bike stands (& state of repair) each primary & secondary school has All schools should have enough parking for their children to get to school and be able to park their bike in a sheltered, safe location.
More traffic warden presence at school drop off & pick up At a number of schools in the borough there are regular complaints around parking and safety – there are longer term strategies available, but using the available rules is also essential.
Upgrade guidance and enforce its use around how works of all types are signed in the borough. Both walking and cycling must be maintained at any changes.  
Send positive messages about cyclists in advertising and social media. All council publications and materials should review carefully how we talk about cycling (and walking). When we show people on bikes, there should be a wide range to show how many people use bikes and what they use them for – cycling in Richmond is not all people pacing it round Richmond Park!
Resurface path from Petersham gate bus stop northbound alongside Petersham Farm  
Add a Cycle filter turning left at Petersham Rd/ Star and Garter lights northbound  
Remove central line markings in narrow part of Petersham Rd Doing this will slow and calm traffic
Introduce ASLs at triangular traffic lights in centre of Richmond. George st/ Duke st.  
Introduce access to ASL where ever possible Many Advanced Stop Lines in the borough are very hard to access – it should be clear and safe how to reach these.
Allow right turn for cyclists from Clarence Street to access Richmond station car park  
Road marking Sign cycles are turning right into Richmond station car park from the Quadrant. From crossing to legitimize cyclist presence in right hand lane  
Cycle parking on south east corner of Ham common. Near Hand and Flower