Our stance on Richmond Park

We had a lively meeting in November to discuss where RCC stand on Richmond Park.  This is the output which represents RCC’s desires for the Park.  RCC will campaign for this since we believe it will improve the park for all vulnerable users.


  • Recognise park users should have priority as follows.  Pedestrians, horse riders, cyclists, motor vehicles.
  • Encourage all to respect wildlife.
  • Promote responsible cycling, whether as a mode of transport or for leisure.
  • Campaign for the reduction of through motor traffic with the aim of creating safer and more comfortable conditions for pedestrians and bicycles.
  • Recognise that there is adequate space for cycling with current park infrastructure if it were shared more equitably.  (reduce through motor traffic)
  • Campaign for pedestrian and cyclist priority at all points where the Tamsin trail crosses roads.
  • Campaign for more dedicated space for cycling across borough roads, recognising that this will reduce pressure on the Park’s resources.