Olympic Cycling Legacy in Richmond-upon-Thames

Safe and inviting streets for all? Picture courtesy of Roger Crouch

So the Olympics have been and gone, and the streets of the borough were thronged with thousands who came out to watch the event, many choosing to come by bike. But what does it mean for the future? Shall we see safer, more inviting streets so that the children of the borough can cycle to school without having to mix with HGVs, cross dangerous junctions like this or use dangerous cycle lanes like this? Or is the reality shown by the proposals to remove cycle lanes in Twickenham?

Opposition Leader Stephen Knight has issued a press release: Council should capitalise on Olympic cycle glory

I want to see Richmond upon Thames become the most cycle-friendly place in the UK, with a comprehensive network of safe cycle lanes and routes throughout the borough. This could be a fantastic Olympic legacy for generations to come.”

It would be nice to hear words like this from the party in power. What would you like the legacy of the Olympics for  cycling in the borough to be?

Things can be very different and much better with just a bit of commitment. Look at the Netherlands – 76% of children get to school by bicycle nationwide, and as this video shows, what a lovely sight it is! (Video from David Hembrow’s excellent blog)