Note to Councillors following CLG

There was some confusion at the most recent CLG from one of the councillors as to why filling in pot holes was not enough to satisfy those who wished to use their bicycles as a mode of transport.  We sent this letter to help raise the understanding of how bikes can change communities.

Dear Councillor Head

I promised following the recent CLG that I would send you some information that may help you to frame the provision of infrastructure for those on bicycles.
This video really summarises what campaigners across the city and borough are talking about.
It took Holland 40 years to get to this point and I would imagine it would take a similar length of time in the UK.  The UK is probably at about year 4-5 on that journey, Richmond is at about year 1.

Also this Guardian article is very useful to explain some of the history and progress that has been made with infrastructure for cycling over the years
The key is to provide safe routes to cycle so that those from 8 – 80 can use their bikes as a mode of transport.   Rome wasn’t built in a day of course but things are happening on this island.  Look at this image of embankment of a new cycle track, if it wasn’t for the clock tower in the background , one could be forgiven for thinking that it was an image from Copenhagen.
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And this is in Camden Town, believe it or not.  Safe space for cycling.  I would let my kids cycle here.  I can’t think of any road in Richmond where I would let them cycle, which I think is a shame.
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I hope this is useful, I don’t expect all to agree but I feel if you have managed to set aside time to review the above that you will now understand why so many people in the borough are passionate about having safe Space for Cycling.
Sent by RCC on behalf of those who want to use their bike as a mode of transport in Richmond