May 2017 Agenda

We’re meeting at the Old Ship at 8pm this evening (Monday 8th May) – details here: 

  • – Budget for RCC – review and agree
  • – Road safety week
Happening this week – people can volunteer to support speed monitoring
  • – Cycle gutter
Do we think it would be a good idea to have one between The Byway and Central School Path (SW14)?
  • – New members / publicity
We could do with getting more people involved. Is there a way we can get out to actually see people more? (Leafleting? Tags on bikes? Cards to give people?)
  • – Eliza – Cycling Without Age proposal –
  • – Hosting, etc. have a full mailbox and we need someone to look at updates, etc.
Need someone to do some tech stuff …
  • – Mortlake Brewery, etc.
Initial meeting done. We need a group proposal on this and other changes in the borough. The council is talking to developers, but there’s no use a site encouraging walking and cycling if the council doesn’t fix the roads around it.
  • – Consultations – Star and Garter Hill
Looks a bit rubbish, and has no cycling. What do we want to do?
  • – Liveable neighbourhoods
LCC is asking for bids. Does someone want to lead this? It includes the opportunity of a lot of LCC support if we do this.
  • – Clean Air on Our Roads
Discuss current cmpaiagns, council activity, etc.
  • – Chalkers Corner
There are rumblings of a review on this, and we need to get in first.
  • – CS 9
Under review internally in LCC. Controlled documents which I haven’t seen yet