March 2020 Newsletter

Active Travel – What Could be Better?

We had an update from the Active Travel team at the council last month, and there was some important discussion about improving the draft strategy and other things the council could do.

Project Updates

The Kew Road cycle lane is currently their first priority. This is being reviewed with councillors, Kew and Transport for London – we’re hoping designs will include properly segregated cycle lanes along the whole length of Kew Road, safely linking Richmond town centre and the A316. We hope this could go to consultation in the summer.

TfL may financially support this project, and the council and TfL are already looking at how it may link to CW9 at Kew Bridge.

The A308 (Hampton Court Road) is still in design – it will now likely include a horse crossing, a safer junction with Bushy Park, and a re-designed Hampton Court roundabout.

Strawberry Vale is also in discussion with councillors, and design review.

Healthy Streets Officers

The council has two new members of staff who will be helping schools move up in the TfL STARs school travel planning, and supporting schools to undertake more active travel activities – more next month!

Try It Out!

The council is going to launch a collaboration with PeddleMyWheels, which will allow local residents a low cost way to try out and purchase cargo bikes and other types of bike which might otherwise be too expensive to buy outright, or hard to borrow for a proper trial. We’ll let you know as soon as this is live!

Bike Hangars – Not Yet

The bike hangars are still waiting to go to consultation. It sounds like there are issues with having enough officer time – a problem with having lots of cycling and walking projects ‘on the go’ is that there’s a shortage of officer time. We’ll let you know as soon as we do.


The Ham towpath has had some re-surfacing work done, and feedback online suggested that it is not a huge success. Along with the route near Kneller Gardens, we’re trying to find out what’s going on, and why paths aren’t being made to a high, consistent, hole-free standard.

Twickenham Station gets parking!

We’ve heard good feedback from the new bike parking at Twickenham Station – let us know your experience. We’re already aware that bike access is still poor, sadly …

Richmond Station’s cycle hub sounds like it may well go ahead before the summer holidays, too.

Big Pedal

The Sustrans Big Pedal is on from 22nd April – can you get your school involved?

Have a look at and give your school a call!

Richmond Town Centre

Stakeholder meetings have carried on around the largest of our town centres – we’re looking forward to strong proposals to improve air quality on the most polluted road in the borough, and hopefully make the area much better for both walking and cycling.

Also …

“Liveable Neighbourhoods” bids will get a result by the end of the month. Our borough will be hoping that both Ham and Barnes get some money.

The Active Travel Strategy received over 600 responses, and will be coming back in final (probably) form to committee very soon.

The borough’s first low traffic neighbourhood has gone down in flames, but we’re hopeful the second won’t.

The council has commissioned a study on pedestrian crossings, to better understand walking behaviour in the borough, with a view to significant improvements for getting around by foot.

Ride in Kew!

Kew Gardens will be hosting evening rides – the opportunity to bring your bike and ride all the way round – tickets and details here: