London Road Roundabout – Did They Start Without Us?

TfL promised to review 100 of the worst junctions for cyclists last year, and you may have seen that work has begun on places like Waterloo Roundabout. But now someone’s told us that work has begun on the London Road junction in Twickenham (Streetview and map).

London Rd / Chertsey Rd from Google Maps:

RCC has looked at this before, (as has the local Green Party) as the junction doesn’t currently work for either walking or cycling, so it’s very worrying that work might be going ahead on this junction with no consultation and no documentation available. In our view it would be better to do nothing than to bridge the work on this junction, considering the volume of potential and actual use by all transport types.

So if they have started work on this, it’s a matter of some concern, and we need to find out what’s going on straight away. If you have a moment, ask your local GLA members (list here – Tony Arbour is member for the area, but others  have London-wide responsibility, like Stephen Knight), and email TfL (use this form or email Enquire@TfL.Gov.UK).

You can also ask your councillors to enquire as well, since it’s their borough …

Do let us know what you find out (at and we’ll keep this post updated.