London Assembly Cycle Safety Consultation

Currently, concern about safety is the reason most often given by non-cyclists to explain why they do not intend to take up cycling.  The London Assembly Transport Committee, which is chaired by Caroline Pidgeon, is now undertaking an investigation to look at barriers to cycling in the capital and how effectively improvements are being delivered, and to identify further solutions.

The Transport Committee is asking people to email their views or tweet questions by 4 July, or alternatively come to the Committee’s meeting on 12 July – which will include an ‘open mic’ session.

You can find out more about the consultation via this link to the London Assembly (PDF – 63kb)

Their list of questions are:

  • What is the impact of recent cycle safety infrastructure improvements on the number of cyclists and cyclists’ safety?
  • What are the main safety concerns of cyclists in London?
  • How are cyclist groups engaged in decision-making to improve cycle safety?
  • What  lessons  have  been  learnt  from  the introduction of the first 4 Cycle Superhighways, and how will these lessons be applied to those still to be built?
  • What action is TfL taking to improve junctions following the junction review process?
  • What lessons can be learned from national and international best practice?
  • What priority is given to cycling in TfL’s spending decisions?
  • What are the potential impacts of underinvestment in cycle safety?
  • How does the cycle safety agenda fit with the Mayor’s agenda to smooth traffic flow?

My response :  LA Cycle Safety Consultation

Submissions should be sent to:
Jo Sloman, London Assembly, City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, London SE1 2AA,
or email: