Let’s go 20!

We need your help to make ours a 20mph borough

Slow down!

The council is consulting on their 20mph proposals – http://bit.ly/Richmond20mph – and we need to get this through as a first step to better cycling.

London Cycling Campaign has asked for 20mph for a while now, and while we consider this, the City of London is looking at 15mph on its key roads. 20mph is a good thing for a whole range of reasons:

Roads are calmer: Traffic noise and traffic speed falls when you implement 20mph

Roads (and pavements) are safer: when traffic slows, roads become a safer environment, especially for our most vulnerable roads users

20mph will make us fitter and healthier: areas that introduce 20mph see increased levels of physical activity, with more people walking and cycling for some of their journeys.

TfL is going to do it anyway! Parts of the South Circular are already under detailed investigation to go 20mph – it would be pretty odd to drive down a 20mph A road, and then expect to do 30mph on a residential road!

So we really need your support.

Fill in the consultation. http://bit.ly/Richmond20mph
Tweet it up – https://twitter.com/search?q=20mph%20richmond&src=typd has some good links.
Tell your friends and family on social media, ask your schools to support it, and contact our local 20splenty or drop us a line info@richmondlcc.co.uk if you can give a hand.