Cycling Liaison Group – Lots of Updates …

The Cycling Liaison Group covered a lot of material, so apologies for the late report. The council will likely also issue the minutes of the meeting soon, too.

The new cycling strategy is due to have been looked at by the cabinet (link), and is in the council papers (this PDF, from p33)

Cycle ramps are being placed on more of our bridges. There’s a new design which the borough is going to trial, and there is now a list of where the council is currently evaluating their use. If you’ve got s bridge you’d like to see get a ramp or channel, let us know. (

We were told that the arrival of a new mayor is leaving some uncertainty at the moment, which is why some things seem to be moving slowly. Since the council doesn’t spend much of its own money on cycling, sadly, it is left at the behest of TfL for most funding.

This was also the first meeting with the new cabinet member for transport, Peter Buckwell. He seems to have got a good hold of his brief with regard to cycling, though we’re obviously worried that whatever ambitions he might have will be reigned in by the cycling haters who currently steer the ship.

There was a lot of discussion around ‘filtered permeability‘ – this is something that the council has previously installed on a number of roads, and they’re prepared to trial it on others. A good example is the network of roads which lead onto the A316, near Nelson Road, like here.

Bushy Park – there’s been a lot of discussion recently about the Duke’s Head Passage change in Bushy Park (see our article), and we’re told the Cycling Officer is in discussion with Royal Parks. Richmond Cycling also went to a Royal Parks meeting subsequently, and things seem to be moving – if glacially – on this.

Apparently TfL have been spending a lot of effort looking at cycling on the A316, for most of its length in the borough, up into Chiswick. This could mean they’re seriously looking at how to fix things like Chalkers Corner and Manor Circus, as well as the fact that the cycle lane has to give way to every side road. We’re hopeful that, with the new Super Highways in central London, we’re going to get something good here, but there is still outstanding concern that it might be at the expense of pedestrians in places like Manor Circus, where TfL has previously consulted on moving the super useful zebra crossings in favour of traffic lights which don’t let you cross all at once.

Nelson Road: as you might have seen (here) we were not very impressed with the council plans for Nelson Road, and a lot of locals kicked up a big stink over the failure to add 20mph limits. The CLG was told that 20mph in this area will now go to consultation sometime after the summer holidays.

Something I didn’t follow properly – there is a section 123 request for funding which includes a bridge from Ham to Teddington. If we find out more, we’ll tell you, as this would be a fine thing!

Parking at train stations: this one is all a bit opaque as to who is really responsible for it, but it sounds like there will be new franchise tendering soon, and as a result various bidders have been trying to entice the council with their offerings. This was seen as an opportunity to ask for significantly improved cycle parking at stations across the borough.

Petersham Road: the most recent documents suggest that the closure of Petersham Road, despite promising cycle access, does not include this, and the council and our local members are now pursuing this urgently.

Sheen Road is being looked at by engineers, although we’re not clear what the plan is at the moment – hopefully the designs will include some proper space for cycling to support all the school children who could be cycling to schools in the area.

Changes to Rocks Lane to make it safer are under examination – see here – we’ll try to get a response soon.

There are a number of other items on the handout we received – there are some details on the council page (here), but we’ve copied the handout here as well.

Please get in contact if you have any questions – there’s a lot here, all of which could do with covering in more detail!