Cycling Liaison Group 5th September

It’s been a while since the last meeting so there should be lots to talk about next Monday.

Click here for papers posted on the Council website including Agenda and Draft Budget 2011-12

Read notes of the March meeting [Agenda item 3] for what was said last time.  In relation to those [6 Review of CLG Priority List] we’ll soon ask the Yahoo Group to indicate their preferences for the routes listed in Draft RCC Priority List Action Plan

Agenda item 6 Public Rights of Way Footpaths was prompted by our June posting and suggested so far are:

From Thames Towpath at Barnes Bridge to Barnes railway station and NCN 4 at Vine Road to Richmond Park via

Long Walk

Westfields Avenue

Barnes Recreation Ground

Evelyn Terrace at Old Deer Park Gardens in Kew, as an alternative to Jocelyn Road where the road is significantly narrowed by parked cars

South Worple Avenue in Mortlake, avoiding White Hart Lane


and on to Barnes station south of the railway via Rosslyn Avenue and Woodlands Road

and Barnes Common

E-mail with your thoughts about these and issues to raise at the meeting.  Remember TfL will not be attending as it’s outside office hours.