Cycling and COVID-19

With so many more people out on bikes, we’ve put together a short hints and tips and ideas page to help.

Can I go to the park?

Yes, essentially. But don’t drive there, maintain at least 2m from others at all times, follow the ‘1 exercise activity a day’ rule.

Don’t go in a group. And – the one exception – don’t go to Richmond Park unless you’re a key worker, or are 12 or under. (Still want to go? We’re working on that …)

The BBC also has a useful page outlining the basics:

Can I ride a bike?

Yes. Riding a bike counts as your exercise. It’s also an excellent way to travel to work, or to the shops, if that’s what you need to do.

If you are using your bike for exercise, and you’re in places where people are walking, please do it with especial consideration: some of our off-road routes are much narrower than we’d like, and there’s more chance of interactions with others.

Keeping your distance

Always maintain the 2m rule, but leave more space if you can – it’s much better to give everyone as much space as you can, for your benefit and theirs.

That includes riding with anyone else. If you’re riding with someone that you’re not living with in the same home, you should be as far away from them as anyone else you meet when you’re out. 

Remember also that you need to keep your distance from the pavement, too! Many of our pavements are really quite narrow, and people walking don’t have anywhere else to go, so please give them all the space you can.

Work for the NHS? Free LCC Membership!

LCC is supporting key workers with free membership – follow this link:

Membership includes 3rd party insurance, a whole range of discounts, a legal advice line, and all sorts of other benefits –

Can I get a bike / get a bike fixed?

Yes! Most of our local bike shops are open for repairs, and can sell you a bike if you need one. We’re trying to put together a proper list confirming the latest ‘who’s open’.

Back on the bike?

London Cycling Campaign is operating an advice hub: which includes help on:

  • keeping safe on your bike
  • keeping your bike safe
  • what you do and don’t need
  • route planning
  • a handy Facebook Messenger bot with answers to loads of questions

This includes help on being safe, looking after your bike, and a routefinder, here.

There’s also a facebook messenger app where you can ask anything you need.