Climate Safe Streets – Greens and Liberal Democrats Commit

We’re delighted that, with just a few days until the election, both the local Green Party and Liberal Democrats have committed to our ‘Climate Safe Streets’ asks.

You can see the asks here:

Speaking on behalf of the Liberal Democrats, Alex Ehmann responded to each of our asks with some detail:

1. A Strategic Cycle Network: safe, inclusive, accessible cycle routes between all areas of the borough and coherent connections to routes in adjacent boroughs, planned by 2024, and at least half implemented by 2026 

“A Liberal Democrat Council in Richmond will work toward the provision of safe, inclusive and accessible cycle routes between all areas of the borough. However, with the great uncertainty about Transport for London funding to this borough, the commitment to specific projects and the proposed timelines would be premature. We would like to make clear that despite that caveat, we will seek to upgrade existing cycle facilities as well as add new provision to the borough.”  
2. Safe Active Travel Spaces: increase the number of safe, active neighbourhoods, parklets and LTNs across the borough linked with strategic cycleways to create a network of safe, comfortable, inclusive active travel routes, planned by 2024 and at least half implemented by 2026
“Working with residents, councillors and businesses, a Liberal Democrat Council will seek to address transport issues and opportunities that will improve our borough for all.  Whether traffic reduction measures, speed interventions, walking and cycling infrastructure and improved safety around schools; a Liberal Democrat administration would continue to prioritise, meaningful improvements.” 
3. Active Travel promotion and access programme: an ongoing programme to promote and support cycling for all age and ability groups through events, education, and incentives, and providing access to cycles for people to use, including supporting Disabled cycle users and non-standard cycles, and providing accessible, secure, affordable cycle storage
“A Liberal Democrat Council is happy to work with residents, businesses and campaign groups improve the take-up of active travel.  We are also keen to enter an early dialogue with campaigners and users about ways the Council could support more disabled and non-standard cycle users.  Working together, we believe improvement is possible.” 
4. Borough-wide shared mobility hubs/share scheme offering bookable e-cars, e- vans, e-bikes, e-cargo bikes, and e-scooters, to reduce the burden of car ownership on individuals and the local environment.
“A Liberal Democrat Council will continue to explore the contribution that these types of offerings can make. We believe in supporting resident choice, as a key means of reducing unnecessary car usage.”
5. Freight consolidation centres, last miles distribution centres, cargo bike loan schemes and other measures to reduce the carbon footprint, vehicles miles and impact on the borough of deliveries, servicing and other freight vehicle movements by 10% by 2026

“A Liberal Democrat Council will explore options for supporting businesses and consumers in a move away from ICE van deliveries where possible. Encouraging and supporting delivery and distribution by cargo bike will be an important strand of that work.  “

(We’ll publish the Green statement ASAP  after the Bank Holiday.)