Car Parking and Railway Crossing

If you live, work or spend time in the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames, the Digest is a way of knowing what the local authority is doing.  The recent edition includes a couple of issues for the cycling community:

The Cabinet Member’s decision on parking charges was called in for review.  You may know from previous posts that RCC opposes the changes to the charges, particularly free parking for 30 minutes, because evidence shows it encourages car use and discourages the use of a bicycle for shorter journeys.  Articles in the LA Times and New York Times explain the reasons why.

The Planning Officer recommended refusal of the application to build a bridge at Manor Road railway crossing.  RCC supports a bridge at this location as soon as possible and is concerned to ensure the Borough-wide problem of carrying cycles over railway bridges is avoided by including a pushing gutter, or ramp, alongside the stairs in the build.  There are many railway bridges in the borough and the only one it is possible to cycle over has ‘Cyclists Dismount’ signs.  Any new bridges should have facilities for cyclists.

If you have a view on either issue e-mail