August 2023 Newsletter

Summer Cycle was Great!

We went along to Kew Gardens for the Summer Cycle this year, showing off cargo bikes with one of our local businesses. Here’s our dinosaur on the way—sadly someone else took her home, though!

Kew Summer Cycling give-away

We’ll hopefully be at Kew next year too, looking forward to welcoming more members to this lovely event.

Winter Meeting with the Council

We’re hoping to invite Cllr Ehmann, who heads the Air Quality and Transport Committee, to a meeting in September or October, so please keep your diaries free!

What’s Happening?

We met the council late in July as part of the Active Travel Advisory Group. Some of the things we heard about, or which have come up recently:

  • Contraflow cycling is still on the radar. If you have a road you think should be open to two way cycling, please let us know. Members are particularly asking about Shalstone Road and Richmond Green, among others
  • Ham Riverside Drive proposals were terrible – the budget was small, but the ideas were still rubbish
  • Hampton Court changes were in consultation recently. Neither we nor Living Streets like them, with the emphasis on shared space, and maintaining driver convenience at the expense of cycling
  • Hospital Bridge Road proposals are likely to come to committee after August. They didn’t include the bridge, but many elements of the ideas were good for cycling.
  • London Road junction, at the north end of Twickenham Station, is being looked at by officers. They showed us some ideas, but there’s a concern that plans won’t be ambitious enough because traffic reduction is needed at this key junction in order to deliver safer walking and cycling
  • We think Strawberry Vale is due to get wands on its new protected lane, but officers haven’t confirmed this The council is still looking at (or sitting on) plans for Worple Way in Mortlake and traffic reduction measures for this.
  • More bike hangars are on their way, so please ask for one in your road. See
  • Teddington Broad Street has a ‘greening’ proposal. We don’t have a response yet, but initial feelings identify the lack of any real change for walking and cycling to make them safer and more attractive.
  • We also responded with disappointment to the proposals on Windmill Road, which seek to use cyclists as moving traffic calming.

We’re told the council may be considering using Commonplace for its consultations in future. This would be a good way to try to get a wider range of responses, but it isn’t clear when they’ll use it, or what for.

Have an amazing August, and we’ll see you in a month!