Active Travel Meeting Report

This is our report of the Active Travel Advsiory Group, which met on 28th April, 2021.

1. Phase 3 of bike hangars will be consulted on later in the year. The council doesn’t refuse based on a single objection, but we’re a bit disappointed that some long standing requests have been refused.
2. No new school streets are immediately planned. They want to bed down what they have. Funding for this is separate to the LIP.
3. LIP funding runs out on 18 May, and they’re doing their best to make sure it is spent. This means some ‘bits and pieces’ will get done.
4. TfL is keen to get some more ‘exemplar’ work done, and Richmond is bidding for some of this, with the hope that more big scheme money will come our way.
5. The new funding round starts on the 19th. This will obviously depend on who gets elected, but ideally we’ll be in line for some major project funds.
6. The Urban Movement report on the A316 was really interesting, especially in light of the recent death. There’s clearly a lot in the report, and we think the council will be prepared to share this in a restricted fashion. It’s not totally clear the next steps – it’s a TfL road, and we had the impression that the council has done the report partly to try to press TfL’s hand on this – to get them to get on with it. Interesting one I picked up is that the Manor Road and London Road schemes may not be compliant with the latest DfT guidance (LTN1/20)
7. The UM report included proposed new designs for all the main junctions, and they suggest that the junction where it looks like the cyclist was recently killed is closed, so that people have to exit the car park into the Pools on the Park traffic lights.
8. Paul Lutongave an excellent presentation on the route to and from Richmond Gate. The council will ask officers to look at suggestions – even if they just fix the signs that’d be good!
9. They’re still not keen on parklets, and will only move on this when a business or coalition of businesses press them.
10. There’s additional money secured for more contraflow cycling – not yet sure which ones.
11. There was discussion about whether in reality Richmond Bridge should be a bus / walk / cycle bridge, but the council would need a real groundswell of support and pressure to go for that.
12. Ham and Petersham cycling and walking survey and Streetscape Tranche 2 funding: LBRuT made some proposals to TfL based on the results of the survey, which TfL felt did not meet the requirements of Tranche 2 funding. LBRuT plan to bring forward some ideas based on the survey responses, funded from other sources.
13. The officers gave us their ‘major projects’ list, which I think is:

  • Kew Road
  • A316 corridor and Richmond Town Centre
  • Richmond Cycle Hub
  • Kew Gardens Cycle Hub
  • Hampton Healthy Streets
  • Strawberry Vale
  • Ham and Petersham Liveable Neigbourhood bid
  • TfL keen on Teddington
  • Also Richmond – Putney (top 25 SCA route
  • Ham Quietway 21 (partially constructed, Ham Common North to Richmond Park still to be completed)
  • Twickenham-Brentford Quietway (design was near completion with possible scope to include the London Road junction to link with an off-road path along the River Crane)
  • Hampton Court Road (between Hampton Court Palace Roundabout and Bushy Park access via Chestnut Avenue)
  • Ferry Road/Broom Road (southern portion of the A310 Strawberry Vale route, connecting Strawberry Vale scheme to Teddington Lock and near to Kingston Bridge via Quietway-style backroad route on Broom Road/ Lower Teddington Road)
  • Lonsdale Road (Barnes).
    14. We should cross-reference this with our list, esp so we can track where we think these things are.
    15. The North Worple Way is being looked at – it sounds like it is actually part of a wider traffic-is study in that area (Mortlake)
    16. It sounds like Hampton Court will move from the present design to a shared use path which runs outside the Hampton Court walls to Bushy Park. (We keep asking to see plans, to no avail.)