Richmond Cycling Infrastructure Issues – by Theme and Ward

Cyclescape is a handy online tool for cataloging issues with cycling infrastructure, born out of work at Cambridge Cycling Campaign.  It’s killer feature is being able to easily log an issue on a map – so you can all see exactly where the issue is under discussion. Richmond Cycling Campaign (along with other groups nationwide) are making increasing use of this tool – but because its used to log issues all over the country it can be a little bit hard to find specific items.

All cyclescape posts in the Richmond borough area are reviewed by RCC committee members and categorised by applying a set of “tags” – or labels, depending on the type of issue.   This article provides some shortcuts to issues grouped according to themes that are important to RCC.

Themes – click through the links below to see lists of issues logged so far:

Council wards – we also tag by electoral ward; this will enable us to highlight all the issues in an particular area with the councillors who represent that ward.  The wards are shown below and a complete list of councillors by ward is maintained by LBRUT.

Issues by ward can be accessed by the links below.  Note that some wards do not have any issues logged so far; whilst others have plenty!

East of the river:

Centre of the Borough:

South West of the Borough:

Finally, for further information on how we do this a detailed guide to how RCC use CycleScape is available here…. and if, like me, you are never quite sure what electoral ward is where – this handy zoomable map shows the boundaries of all wards in London: